The Cohen Family Leaders in Light Institute is comprised of a group of diverse community leaders from across Cincinnati, bound together in propelling civility and strengthening democratic tradition. We connect to combat antisemitism, extremism and hate, and inspire community change. We learn from the unique challenges and opportunities each of our communities face, and come together in education and action to build towards an inclusive democracy. We leverage our extended networks to multiply influence and maximize impact, working together to create systemic change and empower positive outcomes.



We believe in passionately combating antisemitism and extremism because it’s our duty as citizens and humans.




We believe extremism and hate lead to the degradation of democracy and civil society.




We believe in bringing diverse leaders, thinkers, dreamers, and doers together to drive systemic change.




We believe our time is now. We must act and impact today, because tomorrow may be too late.




We believe education and empathy are the catalysts to fair treatment for all.