Join the movement we’re calling Leaders in Light: An Alliance to Combat Extremism and Strengthen Inclusive Democracy. 

Polarization and ideological gridlock are at an all-time high. Radical ideology and conspiracy theories from the fringes are creeping closer toward the center of our society, bringing with it antisemitism, racism, xenophobia, and other bigotries. 


Look no further than the January 6, 2020 attack on the US Capitol. The growing intensity of these threats and unchecked extremism can tear down our democracy, destroy our communities, and push us further apart.

The Cohen Family Leaders in Light Institute is a first-of-its kind, year-long leadership development program that will create a network of informed and influential change agents. Leaders from all sectors, backgrounds and beliefs will connect in learning and action to build a stronger Cincinnati—one that is home to a thriving, healthy civil society where hate and extremism can’t take root.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

—Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Cohen Family Leaders in Light Institute thanks Julie and John for their support.

Participants in the cohort benefit from:

  • Essential skills, insight and perspective from local and national thought leaders to help them lead in polarized times and protect their communities against extremism and hate
  • Relationships that will position them at the center of the emerging movement to strengthen Cincinnati’s civil society
  • Deep understanding of what is driving the most fundamental disconnects in our society today—including increasing polarization, the erosion of truth and trust, the threat of conspiracy theory, and the rise in fear, scarcity, and trauma-driven mindsets
  • Resources to help them drive change in their own community and across their respective networks, including funding and personalized mentorship


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